Eco? Logical!


Our vineyards are nature-friendly and environmentally friendly without using an eco-label cultivated.

„I owe it to our nature to cultivate our vineyards to the best of my knowledge and belief. Through my many years of training, I see myself able to decide independently of an organic association, which measures or means from an ecological point of view are justifiable or not.“

Quote from Dirk Himmel.

The right terroir

Capital for wine and winemakers

That’s the same in the winery Schwan. The deep, heavy limestone soils with overlaying layers of loam and clay add their own to the excellent quality of the wine.

They hold water and heat back at the same time, making them ideal for storing energy, which vines can access at any time. This long and even vegetation phase grows healthy grapes with a distinctive varietal character and a harmonious acidity.

Quality grows in the vineyard

Even the pruning decides on the style of the wine. Can it be a light, tangy wine or a drop full of alcohol and body?

Furthermore, the vine must be offered a „balanced“ diet throughout the growing season. This is not only achieved by means of a fertilization based on a soil survey. Rather, emphasis is placed on decades successfully practiced humus supply value.

Among other things by the annual sowing of green manure plants (oilseed rape, oil radish, forage grass, grain, etc.) and legumes (vetch, ..), which store the nitrogen from the ambient air and give it back in plant-available form. This procedure ensures an active soil life.

Environmentally friendly treatment of the soil and consistent and quality-oriented care of the vineyards ensure healthy and high-quality grapes.

With careful craftsmanship in all steps of winemaking in the winery Schwan ensured that this grown quality from the vineyard as genuine nature „on“ the bottle and later in the glass of many wine lovers.

The cultivation – airy and spacious education, so that the first rays of the sun are „captured“ in the morning. Wind and sun provide for a dry microclimate. As a result, the infection pressure of fungal diseases is severely limited, and only the most necessary fertilizer needs to be used. Without copper we renounce without exception.

The Soil – As the first farm in Zellertal, we have been sampling our soil regularly for more than fifty years. The soil samples are examined in a special soil laboratory for their nutrient content. The resulting fertilizer recommendations ensure optimal supply of the soil in every season.

Plant protection – Before a pesticide selection that is gentle on beneficials and free of heavy metals, and its environmentally friendly application (application technology) is carried out, the necessity of the measure is determined by weather and climate data, which are recorded directly in the vineyard and transmitted to the Service Center Rural Area (DLR-Neustadt). checked.

Thanks to the recycling device (tunnel sprayer) purchased in 2002, savings of up to 70% can be realized – for the benefit of our environment.

These and many other ecologically meaningful measures have only one meaning:

Enjoy with a clear conscience!