Tradition and modernity under one roof

High investments in the field of cellar technology allow this small family business to produce great wines. Carefulness, experience, tradition and the most up-to-date technology in wine cellar construction are further crucial components on the way to an excellent wine.

The red wines are perfected in old and new oak barrels or smaller oak barrels.

The white wines develop fantastic fruit flavors during a „restrained“ computer-controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks.

The wines do that well: they inspire in youth with pronounced fruitiness, show juice and power, are sustainable in flavor and have enough potential for storage.

Latest technology to increase quality

In the red wine preparation only the grapes that were previously separated from the stem framework by a de-stemmer, are brought to a starting fermentation temperature of about 25 ° C. in a special red wine tank by heating. The fermentation on the mash takes 3-14 days. The different maceration periods already have a high influence on the taste and content of the later wines. The red wines (except the grape variety Portuguese) are traditionally aged in old and new oak barrels. With a little longer storage, they mature into great drops. The wines aged in barrique barrels are perfected.

The white wines develop fantastic fruit flavors during a restrained fermentation. The wine is preserved by expanding in stainless steel tanks until bottling. The reductive development of our white wines and the cleanliness of our wine cellars contribute significantly to the salubriousness of our wines.