Sparkling white wines with pronounced fruit, full-bodied, deep red wines, sparkling wine sparkling or award-winning brandies and liqueurs …

All this and more is completed in our establishment and waiting to be enjoyed by you.

Choose the right wines for your meals

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White Wines

Chardonnay fruity nose, sparkling, low in acidity
Recommendation: spicy sauces, shell / shellfish, fish, cheese, veal
Grauburgunder harmonious in smell and taste, rich in content
Recommendation: seafood, lamb and game birds
Morio nutmeg aromatic (nutmeg), fruity, mostly mild wine
Recommendation: to spicy cheese, strong sauces
Müller-Thurgau or Rivaner fine-aromatic, flowery wines with subtle acidity
Recommendation: light meals, fish, crispy salads
Riesling light to full-bodied, fruity, fresh, racy acidity
Recommendation: ideal food companion to meat, fish, salad
Sauvignon Blanc fruity, flowery wine with subtle acidity
Recommendation: ideal food companion to fish and sea fruits or pasta with cream sauces
Scheurebe full-bodied, aromatic wines, fine acidity
Recommendation: to savory, strong, aromatic food
Silvaner neutral to fine fruity wines with low acidity
Recommendation: to light dishes such as asparagus, fish
Weißburgunder subtle bouquet, harmonious, low acidity
Recommendation: to salads, fish, asparagus with a light sauce

Red Wines

All of our reds are vegan! (Except Nr.17)

Cabernet Cubin strong in color, tannin-accented *, lots of fruit, storable
Recommendation: Wild, grilled lamb with herbs and spicy spices
Dornfelder deep ruby ​​red wine, strong, pronounced fruity
Recommendation: to game, spicy cheese, hearty dishes
Dunkelfelder deep dark red, striking, strong, low acidity
Recommendation: to grilled dishes, game and strong cheese
Portugieser brick red, soft, harmonious red wines
Recommendation: to roast, lighter game
Spätburgunder dark red, rich, velvety red wines
Recommendation: to wildfowl, wild game, beef

Tip for the perfect enjoyment

Open all red wines about 4 hours before drinking and with the right temperature, serve (16 – 18 ° C).
White grapes, Blanc de Noir and white wines served cool (10 – 12 ° C).

* The tannins (from French tanin tannin) are naturally occurring polyphenols, all derived from gallic acid